Stories from Hafsrød

Follow in Fridtjof Nansen’s footsteps

With autumn and the hunting season on the rise, we look back on a famous person who walked in Hafsrød's forests - Fridtjof Nansen.

13 September 2021

The Halden waterway and the life-giving Halden canal

With its 132 km from start to finish, the Halden waterway was an important transport artery for timber. Now the waterway offers fantastic experiences and a rich history.

29 June 2021

The Price of Freedom

We celebrate Norway's Constitution Day on May 17th, and send a grateful thought to those who gave their lives for our freedom.

16 May 2021

The spring’s most beautiful adventure

The world comes to life again in the spring, and at Hafsrød the forest planting season begins!

27 April 2021

The forest – The green scarf

We celebrate the world forest day, and what's better than to tell you more about what the forest at Hafsrød means to us?

21 March 2021

Stargazing – looking for the darkness of night

Ever noticed that there are less stars than before? Get a glimpse of the reason why that is, and why stargazing might do you some good.

9 February 2021

Forest workers – the work iron of the forest

Learn more about the story behind the forest workers, and the cabins that became their homes.

15 January 2021

Cabin rentals and forest experiences at Hafsrød – in a new suit

Hafsrød shows its self from new sides, and we welcome you along on our journey.

17 December 2020