The Forest

Envision a thick scarf, that wraps around the northern part of the globe. A scarf of conifer forest, green and dense, called the boreal belt. In this thick scarf you will find Norway. South in Norway, close to the Swedish border and deep into the forest, you will find Hafsrød, and a life that is based on and lived within the forest.

The forest represents a cycle where we harvest, sow and manage the forest, and is the foundation of both our forest cabin and our lives here at Hafsrød. This was where the forest workers lived, and here they had their daily lives – in the forest.



Hafsrød is surrounded by boreal forest and the people here has through generation lived in and of the forest. At the most manual working days, a number of people worked in the Hafsrød forest throughout the year. Now, the forest is still our home, and we open it up to our guests who want to experience the forest.

Deep in the boreal forest belt Hafsrød rises out among the trees. Here, people have lived in and of the resources of the forest for generations. Now, we invite you into our forest realm, where cosy cabins await, ready to give you genuine experiences out in the wilderness.

hosts ingeborg and andreas_hafsrød

The Hosts

Ingeborg and Andreas met each other almost four years ago, and quickly discovered that they belong together. After a few years in both Stavanger and Oslo, they headed to Hafsrød, where Ingeborg grew up and now is the owner. Here they occupy their days with forestry, agriculture and nature-based tourism. 

“The life in the city was nice, but it was always here we wanted to end up. At Hafsrød we can create something of our own – our own life, our own job, an own world close to nature.”  

As the fifth generation at Hafsrød, Andreas and Ingeborg know that they have history and resources around them. And that this is also for the generations to come. 

”Our point of view, is that we are only lending this forest and this estate – so we have to take good care of it for those who come after us.”

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Live like a forest worker and experience the forest life up close


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Ertehaugen is an idyllic small farm located by the lake Store Erte. Here you are embraced by forest and water, and can enjoy peaceful surroundings.

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Lean back and listen to the silence at Vinterveien, while the forest surrounds you.

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Experience the small farm life at Hafsrødkasa, just a stone's throw away from lake Store Erte

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