What is Hafsrød?

Hafsrød is the place where people and nature have lived alongside for centuries, and you can get a glimpse of it.

Just a few hours from the city life, you can get deep into the forest – and get down to earth.

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Live like a forest worker and experience the forest life up close


8 Guests

Ertehaugen is an idyllic small farm located by the lake Store Erte. Here you are embraced by forest and water, and can enjoy peaceful surroundings.

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6 Guests

Lean back and listen to the silence at Vinterveien, while the forest surrounds you.

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6 Guests

Experience the small farm life at Hafsrødkasa, just a stone's throw away from lake Store Erte

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I almost don’t want to leave a review because we loved this place so much we want to keep it a secret! It was an amazing holiday with our family. Thank you!

Meghen Jean

April 2019

Find a space to unwind

Choose your cabin in the woods, and find your space to unwind. Here, you are far from people and the daily hustle.

Connect with nature

Surround yourself with trees and dive into all the best that nature has to offer. 

Rediscover the starry night

Get away from urban light pollution and let the stars shine bright above you.

Listen to the silence

Enjoy a relaxing moment far from the noise of traffic and city life. Listen to the silence, only interrupted by the birds cheerping and the wind in the trees. 

man walking in the forest_hafsrød