The Forest Cabins

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city life and recharge at Hafsrød

Like small red drops in a big green ocean you will find the cabins at Hafsrød. The cabins and small farms were the homes of rough forest workers many years ago and have now gotten new lives as cabin rentals – to the joy of our guests.

Under the stars, far away from the pollution of city lights, these drops of red are filled with forest history – both within and around them. Here you can gaze at the stars, listen to the silence, and experience the forest up close – and in a slow pace.

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Live like a forest worker and experience the forest life up close


4 Guests

Lean back and listen to the silence at Vinterveien, while the forest surrounds you.

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6 Guests

Experience the small farm life at Hafsrødkasa, just a stone's throw away from lake Store Erte

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6 Guests

Head deep into the woods and be next door neighbor to the largest nature reserve in Østfold

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4 Guests

Find your own path at Nordmyrene, or join in the polar explorer Nansens footsteps just a short trip from the cabin.

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Klevtangen (coming 2021)

2 Guests

With the lake Store Erte on three sides, enjoy a moment with just the two of you at the Klevtangen peninsula.

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Stormyrtjern (coming 2021)

2 Guests

Lay down and gaze up at the stars above you, and let the forest «lull you to sleep».

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