Hallevägen - a historic hiking route from Sweden to Halden​

In a collaboration between the Norwegian Tourist Association and the National Museum of Antiquities, old walking routes are to be made better known and more used. Hallevägen was opened on the weekend of 4-6 May 2023, and joins the ranks of 15 other historic hiking routes in Norway.

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Text by Einar Skontorp, Tistedal Friluftslag

Hallevägen is part of the series Historical walking routes, which is a collaboration between the Norwegian Tourist Association and the Norwegian National Museum of Antiquities. The aim of this project is to make old walking routes better known and more used. 15 hiking routes have already been established and marked throughout Norway. You can read more about these at Ut.no.

There are several old trade routes that go to Halden. Hallevägen is one of the lesser known paths. It was used by people from the villages on the west side of Stora Le in Dalsland. People from Bomarken, Rävmarken and Knipan traveled this 4-mile long road to Halden to buy and sell their goods. They brought agricultural products such as grain, meat and pork with them and often bought tobacco, herring, salt and colonial goods back home. A city tour often took several days. It was common for people to spend the night with the merchants in Halden. This traffic was particularly large during the Union period from 1814 to 1905. Many also sought work at the sawmills near the town. The production and export of timber and lumber led to Halden having a large port, and

extensive trade was conducted with the outside world. Beyond the 19th century, cotton spinning mills, iron works and other industries were established along the Tista, and this also contributed to a large influx from Sweden. For a period, Halden had 30% Swedish inhabitants. This trail follows the old trade route.

About the walking route Hallevägen

Our route begins in Rävmarken on the Swedish side, approx. 8 km from the border. Here, at the village house Rävlyckan, the Norwegian home front had a base during World War II. The trail starts on slightly overgrown paths into the Swedish National Park and then up to the DNT cabin in Budalsvika. The cabin has 15 beds and is open all year round.

Hallevägen goes through the Lundsneset nature reserve and follows the road between the Boksjøens, before turning northwards and passes several old homesteads and the gapahuken by Angerstjern. This crouch often used for accommodation. Here it is approx. 11 km from Budalsvika. The path further comes out onto the road through Hafsrød, goes along Store Erte past Klevtangen and into Ertemarka. Here is Ertekroken, which is also Tistedalen Friluftslag’s unattended DNT cabin with 6 beds. It is almost 25 kilometers between the cabins. There are many marked trails in Ertemarka. Hallevägen here follows Lille Ertevann and it goes through the town of Tistedal. The last part leads through Fredriksten Fortress, before the descent to Halden city centre.

This route has been tried to follow the original Hallevägen. In some places the route has been changed to give today’s walkers a better nature experience and it takes into account, to the greatest extent possible, landowners and residents along the path.

Facts about Hallevägen

  • Challenging hike
  • 45.5 km
  • 3 days
  • The trip goes one way, from A-B
  • 1428 meters in total
  • Season: All year round

Read more at ut.no for more details about the walking route.

Would you like to spend the night at Hafsrød on the hike?