Stargazing - looking for the darkness of night

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Time to go star hunting? Not everyone are as fortunate to see the stars as clearly as we do at Hafsrød. In fact, only a third of Norway’s population can see the Milky Way, the galaxy above us that looks like a sprinkle of sugar grains in the sky.

Light pollution from street lights, buildings and cars dazzles us and steals the brightness from these dots that are directly above us. Man-made and artificial light has received a lot of attention in recent years, and the awareness of negative consequences for both humans and animals is gradually increasing. Among other things, it has made urban planners think more about adapting to the actual need for light, and thus reducing light pollution in cities. Fortunately, you do not have to think about that here at Hafsrød – because here it is actually completely dark.

Having it dark around you turns out to have its benefits. The absence of artificial light seems affect the circadian rhythm in a positive way. Surely we have all noticed that the blue light from our mobile phone or TV makes us a little more awake? The artificial light is associated with many public health diseases such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and depression. In other words, getting a break from it can be good for us.

Book with tips about stargazing at Hafsrød

More and more people appreciate the absence of light, and at Hafsrød we do our best to facilitate star experiences for you. With miles of forest around each cabin, you are embraced by undisturbed darkness and slowly but surely the stars above you will become clearer.

How about exploring the dark, and maybe you’ll find some new stars in the sky and get better night’s sleep? We give you our best tips on where you can find good stargazing spots outside, and tips and tricks to make the experience even better. If you prefer to look at the stars from inside a warm forest cabin, a pair of star binoculars will do the trick.

Pssst! If you are afraid of the dark, there is nothing wrong with turning on the light. We’ll not tell anyone.

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