Sustainable Development at Hafsrød

What does Hafsrød do to stay sustainable? Read more about how we put the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into action.


GOAL 8: Sustainable economic growth will require societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs.

We aim to use local professionals and manufacturers if we have to build something, buy something or produce something. We are constantly working on our HSE work, to ensure involvement and a safe working day for our employees.

 Read more about our local talents under «Stories».

UN sustainability goal
UN sustainability goal

GOAL 12: Responsible Production and Consumption

We aim to reduce our consumption, and always ask ourselves the questions:

Do we need something new, or can we reuse something we already have, or buy used? Can anyone local help us with this? If no one in the municipality can help, what about within the former Østfold county?

We facilitate environmentally friendly transport for our guests, through agreements with companies that provide electric or hybrid cars, as well as information about public transport.

GOAL 15: Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss

Through the forestry activity, we are PEFC Certified, which means that strict requirements are set for how we harvest the forest, with requirements related to biological diversity, outdoor life and cultural monuments. We convey to our guests how they can contribute to this goal, through gentle travel in nature, information about nature and wildlife. 

UN sustainability goal
UN sustainability goal
UN sustainability goal

GOAL 13: Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere.

In our forest there are 330,000m³ of timber, which corresponds to an uptake of 462 083 tonnes of CO2. When we harvest from the forest, the timber is further processed into materials that, among other things, ensure that the carbon is stored in buildings, and thus replace products that would otherwise have been produced from oil. Through Norwegian legislation and certification, we make sure to rejuvenate the forest when we harvest it.

• Hafsrød is certified through Green Key, which sets environmental requirements for the tourism industry.

• We are certified through the Norwegian PEFC Forest Standard, which sets requirements for sustainable forest management. The scheme sets us requirements for, among other things, waste management, etc.

• We make it easy for our guests to recycle.

• We use laundry products that are as kind as possible to nature.

• We have our own bioenergy plant on the farm, so that as much as possible our energy consumption comes from our own forest.

• We inform our guests about the importance of the forest for the climate, and encourage a environmentally friendly lifestyle with the lowest possible climate footprint.

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